Introduction to VMware ESXi Datastore Recovery

VMware ESXi is a hypervisor developed by VMware for deploying and serving virtual computers. ESXi Datastores are logical containers (similar to file systems) a place where virtual machine files are stored. ESXi Datastore Recovery means recovering corrupted or deleted files from ESXi Datastores which file extension .vmdk.

A virtual machine can contain a number of VMDK files, there are a number of products that generate .vmdk files examples include VMware Workstation, VMware Player, VMware Server, VMware Fusion, VMware ESXi, VMware ESX. VMDK size is limited to 2TB for most applications, but with the launch of VMware vSphere 5.5 it gets extended to 62TB VMDK capacity.

A physical server together with a hypervisor such as VMware vSphere can provide multiple Virtual Machines while managing isolation between them. These host computers can share the same server that can gradually increase the performance at low cost. On virtual server virtual machine can exists as a single VMDK file, this VMDK file can be duplicated and can be used with other virtual machines on servers across a company. We can also modify VMDK file according to need of user or application.

VMware ESXi itself comes with disaster recovery strategy but there could be situations where ESXi Datastore Recovery is needed. These situation might arises due to

  • Connection slaughter between server and host.
  • Files get corrupted while writing or combining with other file.
  • Accidently deletion of files
  • Attack of Viruses or cracking.
  • Ftp transfer connection failure.
  • Moving files from server to host.

ESXi Datastore Recovery can be brain teasing as files are stored on server with extra layer of security as well as formatted in VMDK file system a normal data recovery software can possibly make things worse only a software that are programmed to deal VMDK file formatting can result you best.

Here are listed some features that can help you while selecting ESXi Datastore Recovery.

  • Able to Recover Deleted Files & Folders.
  • Able to extract data from corrupt VMFS partitions.
  • Able to process VMDK Disks from ESX Servers.
  • Supports VMFS File System.
  • Compatible with all Windows Versions.

If you are looking for an ESXi Datastore Recovery software, based on my personnel experience I suggest you to try this VMFS Recovery Software. It is best possible app in the online marketplace and fortunately it comes with 30 day free trial version.


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