Utilize MBOX Converter to Convert MBOX Files

Get strong and powerful MBOX Converter to convert MBOX to Outlook PST and MBOX to Windows Live Mail EML format.

MBOX is the most commonly used file format which stores and organizes the messages of mailbox in plain text in a single file. Each message is saved in a logical and sequential manner in the original Internet message format. It is a built-in file extension supported by number of Mac desktop based email clients such as Apple Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Entourage, Postbox, Pocomail, Eudora and many more.

Why users want to convert MBOX to Outlook PST?

Imagine, you are Mac based email client user and consider switching to a Windows OS, where MS Outlook is the most extensively used desktop email client. Or, it may happen that you wish to upgrade from 32 bit edition of Windows OS to 64 bit, in a bid to expand the RAM. However, you cannot install Mozilla Thunderbird to a 64 bit edition of Windows.

In such type of cases, you cannot afford to lose your crucial email messages saved in the Mac based email clients with .mbox file extension at any cost. Hence, MBOX to Outlook PST conversion is necessary of the hour.

In such scenarios, you cannot afford to lose your important email messages saved in the Mac based email clients with .mbox file extension, at any cost. Hence, MBOX to Outlook PST conversion is need of the hour.

How user can convert MBOX to PST file format?

There is a manual process to export MBOX files to PST file format by synchronizing it mail client with IMAP mail account. However, this solution could be consider unreliable since MBOX files are at constant risk of corruption in case synchronization gets disrupted due to unprecedented hardware or software failures. This can result in partial or complete data loss, hence, it is imperative to resort to third party applications.

You can make use of MBOX Converter Tool. A well-known application which allows quick conversion of MBOX to Outlook PST & MSG as well as MBOX to Windows Live Mail EML file format along with attributes, contacts, attachments and etc. It offers Single Email Messages Folder Conversion as well as Multiple Mailbox Batch Conversion. MBOX Converter provides advanced search option which give you separate “Find” option with the help of which you can find the desired mail if you don’t know particular date and time of email. And the most important thing it can run on all version of Windows including Windows 10. As well as supports all edition of Outlook including Outlook 2016.

For more information visit: http://www.bitrecover.com/mbox-converter/


Utilize Reliable and Easy Solution for Pen Drive Recovery

In today’s business life, pen drive gives us significant convenience. However, due to some human mistakes or other reasons, we often meet embarrassed incidents of losing pen drive data. There are plethora of situations where users face severe data loss due to:

  • virus attack where files and folders changed to shortcut and
  • Antivirus which deleted the stored data.

But no need to get hyper, take it easy, the below article will give you each and every information you need for pen drive recovery.

Practical Scenario:

Virus attacked your pen drive, and still the space is same like before, all files and folders stored in pen drive are changed to shortcut. After connecting it with PC and scanning it with antivirus program, your crucial data including company documents, photos, videos all get disappeared.


Before pen drive data recovery, assure if all the all the threats are detected by antivirus program or not. If still virus exists in the pen drive then you need to format the pen drive and then use data recovery program to restore data. If virus is completely removed from pen drive then you can make use of third party pen drive recovery software in order to get back your lost files and folders. Many data recovery solutions are available on the internet. I recommend you to use Pen Drive Recovery Software which is simple and very easy to use. Any technical and non-technical users can easily perform pen drive data recovery.

It is designed with intelligent algorithms which contains many advanced features and four recovery modes i.e. “Deleted”, “Formatted”, “Partitioned” and “Create Disk Image” which will help you in retrieving your lost data according your requirements. You can recover your lost files and folders from any pen drive whether it is SanDisk, Moser Baer, Transcend, HP and etc. It shows the preview of data displaying how much data is recovered and how much data is left. It also allows you to only save the desired data. You can download the demo version and check the entire recovery process.

Implement the given VHDX Repair Method to Repair corrupted VHDX file.

Are you looking for a process which will mount VHDX file after transferring from old VHD file format? Then below are some tips which will guide you with each and every information to repair corrupted VHDX file………

VHDX is the advanced file format of VHD which provides new features and better scalability over its predecessor.  The new Hyper-V VHDX format is one of the most essential features present in Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2. The function of virtual disk is to capture the state of the VM in the server’s memory and represents that state as a file. The updated virtual hard disk format has large capacity of virtual disk and opened the door to several other important features.

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Introduction to VMware ESXi Datastore Recovery

VMware ESXi is a hypervisor developed by VMware for deploying and serving virtual computers. ESXi Datastores are logical containers (similar to file systems) a place where virtual machine files are stored. ESXi Datastore Recovery means recovering corrupted or deleted files from ESXi Datastores which file extension .vmdk.

A virtual machine can contain a number of VMDK files, there are a number of products that generate .vmdk files examples include VMware Workstation, VMware Player, VMware Server, VMware Fusion, VMware ESXi, VMware ESX. VMDK size is limited to 2TB for most applications, but with the launch of VMware vSphere 5.5 it gets extended to 62TB VMDK capacity.

A physical server together with a hypervisor such as VMware vSphere can provide multiple Virtual Machines while managing isolation between them. These host computers can share the same server that can gradually increase the performance at low cost. On virtual server virtual machine can exists as a single VMDK file, this VMDK file can be duplicated and can be used with other virtual machines on servers across a company. We can also modify VMDK file according to need of user or application.

VMware ESXi itself comes with disaster recovery strategy but there could be situations where ESXi Datastore Recovery is needed. These situation might arises due to

  • Connection slaughter between server and host.
  • Files get corrupted while writing or combining with other file.
  • Accidently deletion of files
  • Attack of Viruses or cracking.
  • Ftp transfer connection failure.
  • Moving files from server to host.

ESXi Datastore Recovery can be brain teasing as files are stored on server with extra layer of security as well as formatted in VMDK file system a normal data recovery software can possibly make things worse only a software that are programmed to deal VMDK file formatting can result you best.

Here are listed some features that can help you while selecting ESXi Datastore Recovery.

  • Able to Recover Deleted Files & Folders.
  • Able to extract data from corrupt VMFS partitions.
  • Able to process VMDK Disks from ESX Servers.
  • Supports VMFS File System.
  • Compatible with all Windows Versions.

If you are looking for an ESXi Datastore Recovery software, based on my personnel experience I suggest you to try this VMFS Recovery Software. It is best possible app in the online marketplace and fortunately it comes with 30 day free trial version.

Recovery Process for Pen drive data: Manual Vs Software

Pen drive data recovery is a procedure of getting back files from formatted or virus infected Pen drive, removable media or records, when the files we store can’t be excess normally. Data loss is an unavoidable event that can affect any one from an individual PC client to experts who use it in their workplaces. Therefore, to minimize the effect of information loss, individuals sometimes keeps and maintains the backup of their information. However, despite of all care and security measures taken to secure information, information loss happens.

According to a survey in the previous one decade, it is watched that one of the significant reasons for business misfortune in organizations is data loss. Their unskilled and unstructured method for protecting the valuable information has closed down a great deal of little to medium-sized organizations in the previous two years.

There could be various reasons that may be responsible for loss of data. These reasons include natural disasters to user operated accidental deletion of precious files to IT, power loss or system failure.

Pen drive data recovery manually using CMD

No doubt there are several causes which could lead to data loss but sometimes data is just hidden or behaves abnormally like “we see shortcuts of our files and folders instead of files and folders”. Now this is a sign that your device is infected by viruses, it’s named as shortcut virus that has turned your data files and folders in to shortcuts. No need to panic here we will show you Pen drive data recovery manually.


  • Open command prompt: go to start and search “cmd” allow administer privileges and run.
  • Choose your removable device eg F:.
  • Type f: and press enter: now your device is selected.
  • Now type in “attrib -s -h -r /s /d” then press enter.
  • Bingo! All of the hidden files are visible now.


  • After Pen drive data recovery scan your system for viruses.
  • Make a habit to check your pen drive periodically for hidden files, viruses and other malicious files you can use a trusted antivirus for that.
  • Try to identify the pattern of hidden files? The pattern may help to tell you type of virus you have in your pen drive.

Pen drive data recovery using software

No doubt using CMD is tedious and requires technical knowledge, even after applying attributes using CMD there are cases that our data is not recovered in those cases we would take help of software’s.

Software’s are easy to use and do their jobs as they are programmed in such a way to deal with every case regarding Pen drive data recovery.

How the software works

When a file is deleted from pen drive by accidentally or manually, those files won’t get erased permanently just address of these files are changed to “Available Space”. And that available space is in queue to be written by other data. We can recover our data as long as that lost data is not overwritten by other data. There are many Pen drive recovery software which can do data recovery well.

Deleted, Corrupted VMware .vmdk File? – Don’t Panic We are here to fix it.

This article is out to make worldwide know about the latest software launched by well-known organization i.e. BitRecover, a leading service provider that provides many extraordinary recovery applications to users. It is being acknowledged by the experts that Virtual Drive Recovery Software is a development that allow user to recover all files and folders with efficiency and precision guaranteed. BitRecover is dedicated to deliver definite solutions to users which is worthwhile and also easy to use. And one of the latest recovery software launched by BitRecover is Virtual Drive Recovery Software.

However, Virtual machine and its use is becoming popular day by day in today’s era. There are many organizations including Microsoft, Citrix, Oracle and VMware which offers this type of virtualization infrastructure and have number of advantages in optimization, hardware manipulation and disaster recovery strategy. On the other hand, they are still susceptible to loss of data which are caused by a numeral factors like internal and external factors. While things including human error, power surges and water damage would make peoples list of factor whereas corrosion by reason of sulfur gas exposure will not. But this is exactly the thing that happened to a most important energy company built in Texas. They recently make a purchase of other energy company, but still they did not involve in their weekly backup schedule.

Though, complexity of data storage increased by virtualized server system. However, virtualized data storage is somehow similar to different models which includes NAS, iSCSI LUN and SAN. If you are making use of cloud services, your data would be stored in systems and virtual disk files by your cloud provider. As virtual disk is part of virtual machines where all data is stored.

Virtual Machines are used by mostly small organizations which need reliable service at low cost. It offers many benefits including fast recovery backup, high availability, easy cloning and many more. But with some advantages there are some issues related with virtual disks.

Some Reasons of Data Loss in Virtual Disks
·         Corruption of files system
·         Virtual Machine Deletion
·         Corruption in Internal Virtual Disk
·         Hardware Failures

So, keeping in mind these types of causes BitRecover comes up with Virtual Drive Recovery Software, so that user can easily recover the data from virtual disk without any difficulty. Virtual Drive Recovery Software provides many features like it offers four recovery modes which includes Deleted Recovery Mode which helps in recovering the .vmdk deleted files from the disk, Formatted Recovery Mode is used when your data is erased or removed from the disk, Partitioned Recovery Mode is used to recover the data from deleted, corrupted, re-partitioned and lost partitions easily and Raw Data Recovery Mode is used in the situation when the above mode failed to recover the data from the virtual disk. It occupies less space and free from viruses. It easily recovers all types of data including music, images, spreadsheet, word etc. Once you recovered your files, it will give you the option to preview the recovered data. It is compatible with all versions of Windows including Windows 10.

How to Use Data Recovery Software to Recover Lost Data?

Windows Operating System, a powerful operating system developed by Microsoft. It is a program that controls the working of the hardware and software of the computer. Windows Operating System includes many different types of business applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Spreadsheet, Access etc.

Sometimes, due to interruption of some viruses, bugs, failure of hardware and software, results in the loss of data, data corruption or sometimes it damages the data, these reasons has a major effect on Windows Operating System, and its hard disk partition files which includes NTFS and FAT file system gets lost their data. BitRecover provides better solution i.e. “Data Recovery Wizard” that easily recover lost, formatted, corrupted and etc data from hard drive. The solution includes many different types of data recovery modes which are helpful in different situations. Some of the Data Recovery Modes are “Deleted Data Recovery” that helps to recover permanently deleted data, “Formatted Data Recovery”, this mode helps to restore the data from hidden partitions without any issue. “Partition Data Recovery”, this mode helps in recovering the data from lost, damage or even re-partitioned drives. “Raw Data Recovery”, this mode helps when the above modes are failed to recover the damaged or corrupted data. “Create Disk Image”, create same virtual copy of the disk and save the file for future use. This Application also supports FAT and NTFS partition recovery from the internal as well as external hard drives.

Few Simple Steps to perform Data Recovery Wizard: –

  1. First download BitRecover Data Recovery Wizard >> Click on install >> Click on run >> BitRecover Data Recovery Wizard is ready to use now.
  2. Now open Data Recovery Wizard. You come with this below screen.


3.  Select one Recovery option from 5 recovery modes according to your requirement.

4.  After selecting recovery option, select the Disk from which you want to recover your data, the disk is divided in different partitions and from that you can choose the partition. These different partitions which you can see in the below screenshot will not provide by the other software(application). This feature makes Data Recovery Software technically advanced and different from other software.


5.  In this step software is recovering lost, corrupted, permanently deleted and etc files and folders.recovery-proces

6.  The software will show you the recovered file. If you don’t want to save all the files then select that files you want to restore and click on save button.


User can also download free Demo version of the software to test its capabilities and features.