Utilize Reliable and Easy Solution for Pen Drive Recovery

In today’s business life, pen drive gives us significant convenience. However, due to some human mistakes or other reasons, we often meet embarrassed incidents of losing pen drive data. There are plethora of situations where users face severe data loss due to:

  • virus attack where files and folders changed to shortcut and
  • Antivirus which deleted the stored data.

But no need to get hyper, take it easy, the below article will give you each and every information you need for pen drive recovery.

Practical Scenario:

Virus attacked your pen drive, and still the space is same like before, all files and folders stored in pen drive are changed to shortcut. After connecting it with PC and scanning it with antivirus program, your crucial data including company documents, photos, videos all get disappeared.


Before pen drive data recovery, assure if all the all the threats are detected by antivirus program or not. If still virus exists in the pen drive then you need to format the pen drive and then use data recovery program to restore data. If virus is completely removed from pen drive then you can make use of third party pen drive recovery software in order to get back your lost files and folders. Many data recovery solutions are available on the internet. I recommend you to use Pen Drive Recovery Software which is simple and very easy to use. Any technical and non-technical users can easily perform pen drive data recovery.

It is designed with intelligent algorithms which contains many advanced features and four recovery modes i.e. “Deleted”, “Formatted”, “Partitioned” and “Create Disk Image” which will help you in retrieving your lost data according your requirements. You can recover your lost files and folders from any pen drive whether it is SanDisk, Moser Baer, Transcend, HP and etc. It shows the preview of data displaying how much data is recovered and how much data is left. It also allows you to only save the desired data. You can download the demo version and check the entire recovery process.


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