Implement the given VHDX Repair Method to Repair corrupted VHDX file.

Are you looking for a process which will mount VHDX file after transferring from old VHD file format? Then below are some tips which will guide you with each and every information to repair corrupted VHDX file………

VHDX is the advanced file format of VHD which provides new features and better scalability over its predecessor.  The new Hyper-V VHDX format is one of the most essential features present in Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2. The function of virtual disk is to capture the state of the VM in the server’s memory and represents that state as a file. The updated virtual hard disk format has large capacity of virtual disk and opened the door to several other important features.

The advantages of VHDX are not limited to improved capacity. However, VHDX files are designed to work with today’s modern hardware and have a 4KB logical sector size that improves performance compared with VHD file.

One of the strongest feature that VHDX file contain is security against file damage due to factors like unexpected shutdown. While working with VHDX files, a permanent record of updates done in the metadata is saved which does not happen with VHD files. Therefore, with large dynamic storage limit and less susceptibility to corruption, VHDX capture the demand of users.

But users also face some corruption issues while converting VHD file into VHDX. As most user’s wishes to convert VHD file into VHDX format because of its better functionality and performance. But sometimes, many users face corruption while converting a file from VHD to VHDX format. To repair corrupted vhdx after VHD conversion, you can take default steps to repair corrupted vhdx and fix the issue. If there are some other reason behind the problem like your VHD file damaged or corrupted or other logical cause then, you require a professional help.  VHD Data Recovery Software is one of the perfect tool which easily mount and explore corrupt and damaged virtual drives saved as .vhd or .vhdx files. The tool has the capability to easily recover corrupted vhdx file from damaged virtual drives. It easily handles all the issues related to VHD file and retrieve each and every bit of information with exact metadata properties. Supports all editions of Windows Operating System. You can download the demo version from here and check the entire recovery process. But it will not save your recovered data, for that you need licensed version.


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