Recovery Process for Pen drive data: Manual Vs Software

Pen drive data recovery is a procedure of getting back files from formatted or virus infected Pen drive, removable media or records, when the files we store can’t be excess normally. Data loss is an unavoidable event that can affect any one from an individual PC client to experts who use it in their workplaces. Therefore, to minimize the effect of information loss, individuals sometimes keeps and maintains the backup of their information. However, despite of all care and security measures taken to secure information, information loss happens.

According to a survey in the previous one decade, it is watched that one of the significant reasons for business misfortune in organizations is data loss. Their unskilled and unstructured method for protecting the valuable information has closed down a great deal of little to medium-sized organizations in the previous two years.

There could be various reasons that may be responsible for loss of data. These reasons include natural disasters to user operated accidental deletion of precious files to IT, power loss or system failure.

Pen drive data recovery manually using CMD

No doubt there are several causes which could lead to data loss but sometimes data is just hidden or behaves abnormally like “we see shortcuts of our files and folders instead of files and folders”. Now this is a sign that your device is infected by viruses, it’s named as shortcut virus that has turned your data files and folders in to shortcuts. No need to panic here we will show you Pen drive data recovery manually.


  • Open command prompt: go to start and search “cmd” allow administer privileges and run.
  • Choose your removable device eg F:.
  • Type f: and press enter: now your device is selected.
  • Now type in “attrib -s -h -r /s /d” then press enter.
  • Bingo! All of the hidden files are visible now.


  • After Pen drive data recovery scan your system for viruses.
  • Make a habit to check your pen drive periodically for hidden files, viruses and other malicious files you can use a trusted antivirus for that.
  • Try to identify the pattern of hidden files? The pattern may help to tell you type of virus you have in your pen drive.

Pen drive data recovery using software

No doubt using CMD is tedious and requires technical knowledge, even after applying attributes using CMD there are cases that our data is not recovered in those cases we would take help of software’s.

Software’s are easy to use and do their jobs as they are programmed in such a way to deal with every case regarding Pen drive data recovery.

How the software works

When a file is deleted from pen drive by accidentally or manually, those files won’t get erased permanently just address of these files are changed to “Available Space”. And that available space is in queue to be written by other data. We can recover our data as long as that lost data is not overwritten by other data. There are many Pen drive recovery software which can do data recovery well.


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