How to Use Data Recovery Software to Recover Lost Data?

Windows Operating System, a powerful operating system developed by Microsoft. It is a program that controls the working of the hardware and software of the computer. Windows Operating System includes many different types of business applications like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Spreadsheet, Access etc.

Sometimes, due to interruption of some viruses, bugs, failure of hardware and software, results in the loss of data, data corruption or sometimes it damages the data, these reasons has a major effect on Windows Operating System, and its hard disk partition files which includes NTFS and FAT file system gets lost their data. BitRecover provides better solution i.e. “Data Recovery Wizard” that easily recover lost, formatted, corrupted and etc data from hard drive. The solution includes many different types of data recovery modes which are helpful in different situations. Some of the Data Recovery Modes are “Deleted Data Recovery” that helps to recover permanently deleted data, “Formatted Data Recovery”, this mode helps to restore the data from hidden partitions without any issue. “Partition Data Recovery”, this mode helps in recovering the data from lost, damage or even re-partitioned drives. “Raw Data Recovery”, this mode helps when the above modes are failed to recover the damaged or corrupted data. “Create Disk Image”, create same virtual copy of the disk and save the file for future use. This Application also supports FAT and NTFS partition recovery from the internal as well as external hard drives.

Few Simple Steps to perform Data Recovery Wizard: –

  1. First download BitRecover Data Recovery Wizard >> Click on install >> Click on run >> BitRecover Data Recovery Wizard is ready to use now.
  2. Now open Data Recovery Wizard. You come with this below screen.


3.  Select one Recovery option from 5 recovery modes according to your requirement.

4.  After selecting recovery option, select the Disk from which you want to recover your data, the disk is divided in different partitions and from that you can choose the partition. These different partitions which you can see in the below screenshot will not provide by the other software(application). This feature makes Data Recovery Software technically advanced and different from other software.


5.  In this step software is recovering lost, corrupted, permanently deleted and etc files and folders.recovery-proces

6.  The software will show you the recovered file. If you don’t want to save all the files then select that files you want to restore and click on save button.


User can also download free Demo version of the software to test its capabilities and features.


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