How to export eM client Mail to Outlook?

eM Client Mail is desktop application used to send and receive electronic messages. It helps to manage the contacts, calendars, mails etc. The eM Client is not available on desktop, user has to download the application. And the problem with eM client is that it gives 30 day free trial, after 30 day trial, it will ask to purchase the software. Because of this drawback user prefer Microsoft Outlook, because Microsoft Outlook is already present on the system, user don’t need to purchase the software as eM client. Microsoft Outlook is also e-mail client as eM client. So, because of this many users are switching from eM Client to Microsoft Outlook. But a problem which users face when switching from eM Client to MS Outlook is how to access the emails in Outlook.


The export option of eM Client only allows to export its mails in .eml format, so we suggest that you export the emails into EML format (open eM Client go to File >> Export >> export files to .eml) the convert these mails in PST format, after that you can access eM Client emails in MS Outlook.

How to import eM Client .eml files in Outlook?

For importing .eml files in outlook, there is no manual method, a third party tool is available, EML to PST converter which can easily convert eml files to outlook without any loss of data. This can convert the whole folder and maintain folder structure during the whole conversion process. There are many file applications that comes under EML like Mac Mail, Thunderbird, eM client mail, Windows Live Mail etc. The files are converted within a second.

Many advantages of using EML to PST converter:

  • Batch Conversion, can easily convert multiple files at a time,
  • Runs on all windows platform
  • Maintains rich text formatting during the whole process
  • No loss of data
  • No limitation of file size

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