How to migrate Pocomail emails into MS Outlook?

Pocomail is a decade old email application. But since 2011 it is no longer available for sale, which prompted many existing users to switch email client. The clear winner in this situation has been Microsoft Outlook. The main reason behind this that MS Outlook comes as default email management tool with MS Office package & most users already have it in there machine. But the problem is how to migrate the emails from Pocomail account to MS Outlook? In Pocomail export option (File >> Export navigation), you will see that there is no option for Outlook or Exchange server. Neither Outlook allows to import email from other email clients. On doing a deeper research is it seen that if we go to file menu >> Save Message >> As .EML File (s) then the Pocomail emails will be saved in .eml file format and we know that Outlook mailboxes format is .pst. So if we can get the .eml files changed into .pst the task will be achieve. noexportoption

How to change Pocomail .eml files into Outlook .pst file?

Manually changing the file name extension will not work, as it may corrupt the files, here you need expert help. You will find EML to PST Converter tool in online market, using this kind of apps you can very easily change the mails extension & access Pocomail emails in MS Outlook. This kind of tool generally have very easy interface, just select emails & click on convert button & rest is handle by the application itself. This Pocomail to Outlook tool is most suitable for:

  • Large scale migrations
  • Migration of emails from different users account
  • Safety of data & email details

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